A CAMPAIGN to save the last pub in North Ascot has reached an impressive fundraising milestone.

The Royal Hunt Pub Community group announced on their Facebook page on January 13 (Saturday) that they had now received pledges in excess of £25,000.

The campaign was launched in 2014, when the pub was closed, before being sold to various different housing companies.

Patrick Ruddy Homes purchased the pub in 2017 for £800,000, with the aim being to demolish the building and replace it with a tower of flats.

In August 2017, Winkfield Parish Council refused to grant permission for the plans to demolish the building, after 200 objections came into the council.

Anthony Springall, secretary of Berkshire South East CAMRA, said at the time: “This is not an empty gesture as there are parties in the background who have expressed interest in running the property as a pub, but as always a lot hinges on the price the developer would be willing to accept for the property.”

“Communities need a hub and the pub provided this.

“A well-run pub in the locality would be an enormous benefit to the wider community.”