NEIGHBOURS have objected to plans to demolish buildings and create housing on a leafy road in Ascot. 

Bracknell Forest councillors will vote on whether to grant permission to DPP Planning to knock down the existing house and outhouse at 89 Locks Ride, Ascot.

The buildings would be replaced with seven dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping.

But residents say the infrastructure would not be able to cope with further development.

One neighbour, Rachel Phillips of Locks Ride, wrote to the council: “This will be an overdevelopment of the plot, 7 houses replacing 1.

“This will have a severe impact on amenities, schools, doctors, traffic etc. We don’t have the facilities to support the existing community now. We struggle with dental and doctors appointments, school places.

“The traffic during rush hour is already high as we live near 4 different schools, private and state, so rush hours last from 7:45 to 9:15 during school terms and this will add more cars to the road which is already a through road for many.”

Darren Randall, also of Locks Ride, wrote: “Locks Ride is a unique low density road.” 

“We suffer from traffic problems as it is and substituting one house for 7 is not in the best interests of this area.

“Locks Ride does not have a bus service so all new residence will add to the already difficult problems we face.

“This type of development has been turned down before in Locks Ride and I hope this application will also be denied.”

Properties on the road typically fetch between £900,000 and £1.6m and it is home to two footballers. 

The site currently comprises a large two-storey five bedroomed dwelling with a large garden.

This would be replaced with a mix of three and four-bedroom properties.