A TRIBUTE has been made after a 76 year-old was killed by two cars just hours after the conclusion of a day's racing at Ascot. 

Barry Townsend was killed when two cars collided on Kings Ride, Ascot, on October 21.  

he occupants of the vehicles were uninjured, but Mr Townsend passed away as a result of his injuries. 

Saul Townsend, Mr Townsend's son, said: “Dad was an amazing man who could turn his hand to just about anything. After a long and successful career working for BT he changed direction to pursue his passion for films.

“For many years he was known throughout the dog obedience world as a real talent, both as a kennel club judge and as trainer. He worked on TV shows and in major films with a range of trained dogs and separately as a supporting artist. 

“He was full of life, positive energy and as strong as an oak. His absence is felt by all who knew him and loved him, but the memories we have will offer us some comfort and will continue to give us strength in the days ahead.”

Mr Townsend is survived by his wife Mary, his two children Lauretta and Saul and three grandchildren.