A COUNCILLOR says he feels let down after assurances were not adhered to during a major incident.

A sewage leak last month (October) damaged business premises at Ascot business park. 

As reported in last week’s News, the leak was left to go on as two companies argued over who should deal with it. 

Thames Water and Affinity water were both informed of the leak, on Station Hill, on the morning of Monday, October 17. But because neither accepted responsibility, the leak was not deal with until Tuesday, October 17.

It turned out that Thames Water was responsible for dealing with the incident, as the leaking water was waste water.

Now local councillor David Hilton says he will continue to call for an inquiry into the incident, after being assured a decade ago that an incident of this magnitude would be dealt with better.

“They are exceedingly difficult to deal with, Thames Water,” he explained.

“They are responsible for the waste around Ascot, and therefore it is their responsibility.

“I believe there should be an inquiry, and I’ll certainly be seeing what I can do.

“It was ten or 12 years ago that there was the last incident regarding the water and sewage in Ascot/Cheapside. 
“We were given assurances that if something like this happened again, it would be dealt with quickly and easily - but that just wasn’t the case.
“It would be really good if there was to be a proper and thorough assessment, especially given all the development currently going on in Ascot.”

Thames Water has been contacted for comment.