STUDENTS at a primary school got the chance to take a step out of the ordinary and out of the classroom. 

The children from Papplewick School, Ascot, had a close encounter with nature on Monday, October 16 as part of a geography scheme. 

Students visited The Living Rainforest, a greenhouse tropical rain forest, which is located in Hampstead Norreys.

The year six students from the all-boys school went as part of the Year Six Geography Scheme Of Work, which involves the study of different countries and cultures, such as Brazil and the Amazon rainforest.

The boys were able to observe poisonous frogs, insects, and take notes and sketches as they were given an experience of the wild.

Headmaster Tom Bunbury said: “The boys loved seeing the birds scampering around their feet while learning about the resources and medicines of the rainforest.

“All in all, a wonderful trip which has enhanced their learning and sparked their imaginations.”