THERE was a sewage leak in Ascot last night (Tuesday).

The incident was on Station Hill next to the railwayline and sewage was flowing down the hill into the business park.

Thames Water spokesman said: "We’re very sorry to customers who have had their journey home affected by our leaking sewer pipe in Ascot. We’ve now stopped the flow of wastewater from the pipe and tankers are removing the surplus sewage.

“The pipe is on Network Rail land and we’re working closely with them to ensure the pipe is fixed as quickly and safely as possible. We’re also contacting local residents who have been disrupted by the broken pipe.”

The sewege was cleared overnight and the business park is open as usual.

Due to the fact that the water pipe was on National Rail land, as of 9:30am the pipe hadn't been replaced, but the flow had been reversed so that no residents would be affected.