A resident has spoken out after previously slamming a new council role set up to keep Bracknell town centre safer.

Recently it was announced that over one hundred thousand pounds was to be invested in stationing ambassadors to prevent bicycles and illegal E-scooters causing havoc around The Lexicon. 

Bracknell Forest Council previously said a group of ‘town centre ambassadors’ are now on hand around the shopping centre and high street as part of a partnership between the council, The Lexicon and contractor NSL.

Andrew Carr, 71, previously said that no such role has been administered around the Lexicon and town centre despite the enormous amount invested in the scheme. 

However, he now says that there has been an improvement and has been speaking closely with one of the ambassadors. 

"They do an impossible job really," Mr Carr said. "They have no authority but are expected to keep things calm, deal with theft, deal with people who don't behave properly.

"They do the job of the police without having that sort of force behind them."

He said that there was recently a fight outside Primark which became quite heated, and that ambassadors struggled to deal with it as there wasn't enough of them.

 "Even with the appointment of these special ambassadors, E-scooters and cyclists are ignored by police despite them being banned from the town centre," Mr Carr said. 

"They don't stop them if they go whizzing past. The police just wander around talking to people or into their headsets."

Mr Carr, who often goes into Bracknell for a walk around, said that he thinks that shop keepers in the area are really sick of this issue. 

He relayed how a shop assistant told him that an E-scooter had recently zipped past the store front.

"He said that if someone had been stepping out the shop at that point in time they would have been seriously injured," he said. 

"The signs were put up advising people not to cycle or use E-scooters because a four year old child was badly hurt by one of them."

Mr Carr said that on the way into Princess Square by the entrance there is a sign that asks the public to please dismount their bicycles or scooters.

"I'm thinking what's going on? There's no consistency, there's no thinking out of the issue because that sign is unnecessary if they are policing the issue like they say they are."