Wokingham residents hope the general election results will ‘breath a bit of life’ into local politics.

The News visited the town centre today to understand what locals think after the Liberal Democrat’s historical win on July 4.

Clive Jones is set to become the town's new MP, after beating Conservative candidate Lucy Demery by more than 8,000 votes.

Sarah Spring said she was ‘quite excited’ by the result in Wokingham.

The Bath University graduate, 22, said: “I think it’s really good, I’m quite excited by a change in leadership in Wokingham.

Sarah Spring, 22Sarah Spring, 22 (Image: Ruth Lucas LDRS)

“I don’t think there was much change going on, and I think we can get more change coming through now.”

She voted for the Liberal Democrats in the election.

Richard Snowball, 57, said that the results were ‘to be expected’.

“It was either going to be the Lib Dems or the Conservatives”, he told the News.

Mr Snowball, who works as a manager, continued: “I think Wokingham has changed a lot, they’re building a million houses.”

Richard Snowball, 57 (Image: Ruth Lucas LDRS)

This ‘has an influence on the results’, according to Mr Snowball, who has lived in Wokingham for three years.

Sarah Burrell, a 58-year-old Police Officer, said she hoped the results would ‘breath a bit of life’ into politics in the town.

She criticised the former MP for Wokingham, Sir John Redwood. She said: “I think we had a bit of a stagnant situation here politically. I think John Redwood was a lazy MP who didn’t work hard for the constituency.”

Before Lib Dem Clive Jones was elected last week, Wokingham had Sir John serve as it’s MP for decades. Even before then, the constituency has been blue since it’s creation in 1950.

Ms Burrell added: “I think its positive, its good that we have a change now.”

Pensioners Eddie and Jess have lived in Wokingham for 45 years, so understand how big this change is for the town.

Jess said: “The Liberal Democrats got in here, which is pretty unique.”

She voted for the Green Party, but is happy that Clive Jones won in Wokingham.

They added that they thought the Lib Dems fought a hard campaign here.

Referring to Clive Jones, Jess said: “Every time we went to the front door, there was a leaflet from him!”