Twyford was recently named in a study as one of the best places to live in England.

Garrington Property Finders released their list of the Best Places to Live 2024 in England and Wales and the picturesque village in Berkshire nabbed first place.

But do locals actually agree with that statement? What is it really like to live in England's 'best' village?

I spoke to Sadaf Zarrar to get her take on what it's really like to be a resident of Twyford. 

Mrs Zarrar, 45, who moved here with her family two years ago from Singapore, said that she whole-heartedly agrees with the study's assessment of the village. 

"I moved here for work and my office is in London so we wanted to find somewhere as close to the big city as possible," she said. 

"Twyford made so much sense. I live here with my husband, my two girls and my little dog. Everyone loves it here!"

Mrs Zarrar said that when she knew she had to move to the UK she had a three point criteria for what kind of place she wanted for her family. 

Firstly, she needed a good commute into Bond Street which is where her office is. 

She also wanted it to be safe for her children as they were spoiled in Singapore for this reason. 

"Twyford is such a safe place to live. We wanted somewhere that was walkable for the kids. We also wanted somewhere with good schools and both primary and secondary schools here are generally very good," Mrs Zarrar said. 

She also added that due to her having to travel a lot for work, being close to Heathrow was an added bonus. 

"Everything checked out really. We love it, the girls love it. We were renting for the first two years and we've just bought a house here now," she said. 

"The community are delightful! Very welcoming, very open. Not as diverse to be honest in terms of ethnicity but I have never felt like an outsider."

Mrs Zarrar said that the village has every amenity that she could want, and villagers even joke that you can buy everything in Twyford other than a wedding dress. 

"I even saw a wedding dress in our Thames Hospice shop the other day which I chuckled at," she said. 

"You get to live in a little village but you have everything on your doorstep."