James Sunderland, former Tory MP for Bracknell, has lost his seat after five years to Labour.

Mr Sunderland, first elected in 2019, enjoyed a large majority of 19,000 votes.

But now he has been beaten by Labour’s Peter Swallow – by less than a thousand votes. He trailed in just behind Mr Swallow with 13,999 votes, 843 less than the Labour victor.

This comes after the Labour party have made huge gains in every corner of the nation on election day, with exit polls predicting Keir Starmer will have 410 seats in Parliament.

Bracknell is traditionally a safe Tory seat, and has had a Conservative MP since the constituency was first created in 1997.

Mr Sunderland was approached by journalists during the count, including from Bracknell News, and suggested he would speak to them after the results were announced.

However, he was quick to exit after losing narrowly to his Labour rival at 3am this morning. Mr Sunderland was seen shaking hands and exchanging congratulations with the winner, Peter Swallow.