Bracknell has elected its first ever Labour MP after an historic election night.

In the early hours of July 5, it was announced that Peter Swallow had beaten incumbent MP James Sunderland in the race of being the town's next member of parliament.

The university lecturer, originally from Crowthorne, said it feels ‘incredible’ and that it is a ‘massive honour’ to be elected as Bracknell’s first ever Labour MP.

He said the swing to Labour in Bracknell reflected a desire for change amongst residents.

But he only beat the former MP, Conservative James Sunderland, who has served the area since 2019, by a narrow majority of 843. However, given that Mr Sunderland had won a large majority of 19,000 in the 2019 election, Labour have closed this gap significantly.

In his victory speech, Mr Swallow said: “I am proud to be standing here as Bracknell’s first ever MP.” As MP and as part of the Labour government – on course to win a large majority – he would bring government ‘back in the service of working people’.

He hammered home the Labour Party’s key message for ‘change’ in his speech, describing how it would not be ‘overnight, with cheap and easy promises being made and broken’, but with ‘sleeves rolled up, our our shoulders firmly to the wheel and always in service of country and community.’

In third place came Reform UK’s Malcolm Tullet. Although keen to not get over-excited before the count was in, Mr Tullet told the News that he thought the exit-poll predictions were miscalculated. ‘I think we’re going to get more than 13’ he said.

Following Mr Tullet was the Liberal Democrat’s Katie Mansfield with 4,768 votes, Green Party candidate Emily Torode with 2,166, Independent Olivio Barreto with 480 and Jason Reardon from Heritage Party with 196.

Despite being an historic swing to Labour, turnout was lower this election than previously, at 61.4 per cent. This is seven percent less than the 2019 election, when 69 per cent of voters went to the polls.

Mr Swallow also thanked Tory incumbent Sunderland for his ‘service to Bracknell over the last five years’.

The rivals were seen shaking hands and exchanging some conversation after Mr Swallow’s victory was announced.

Mr Sunderland declined an interview with the News after the results were announced.