Liberal Democrat candidate Clive Jones has won Wokingham - the first time in the area's history.

Wokingham has never been held by a party that isn’t the Conservatives.

Clive took home 25,743 votes, a majority of 8,345 votes over newcomer Conservative candidate Lucy Demery.

Mr Jones has been campaigning to become the MP for Wokingham since March 2022. 

It has been a long struggle for the Liberal Democrats, who have been building support on the borough council for years and finally seized it in the local elections in 2022, with help from Labour and Independent councillors. 

Mr Jones served as the leader of the borough council from May 2022 to May 2023, and as a councillor for Hawkedon in Lower Earley for many years before that. 

Earlier this year, he resigned from the council to focus on his bid to become MP. 

Lucy Demery, the newcomer Conservative, came in second place with 17,398 votes, being selected after long-standing MP Sir John Redwood stood down. 

The Liberal Democrats had hoped to take Wokingham in 2019, but former Conservative Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee was unable to defeat his previous colleague Sir John. 

Here are the results for Wokingham in full: 

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrats - 25,743

Lucy Demery, Conservatives - 17,398

Coln Wright, Reform UK - 5,274

Monica Hamidi, Labour - 3,631

Mer Boniface, Green - 1,953