Dear Editor, 

Further to your Marlow Free Press front page story last week (June 29)  – Andrew Neil is in fact the publisher of the Spectator magazine and not the editor.

I believe that he has been 'got at' by a City PR campaign on behalf of the developers. Giveaways include the specious claims of 4,000 jobs and 5,000 support letters.

This follows mis-informed pieces in the FT and City AM. How did these obscure journalists find out about the decision of the Strategic Site Committee I wonder?

And the letter from Mr Skoyles misses the point on a number of issues. The Buckinghamshire Highways analysis – all 85 pages of it – shows, for example, that morning rush hour queues on Little Marlow Road eastbound would be back to Glade Road. Just one example in a series of impacts on what living in Marlow would be like.

The Decision Notice of the Strategic Sites Committee is available on the Planning Portal under reference 22/06443/FULEA and is incredibly well detailed in its judgement on 9 separate reasons. I invite readers to take a look at the notice – it’s an eye -opener.

Of course, we expect the Property Developers, having invested so much, to appeal to whoever the Secretary of State will be. They have until the end of November to do so – so the saga will drag on.

Andrew Wood, Co-Chair
The Marlow Society