Investigations into an ‘unexplained death’ in Bracknell are currently still underway one month after the sudden and unexpected incident, according to police.

Thames Valley Police were called to Jameston, Bracknell at 7:41am on Tuesday, June 4 after reports of a ‘sudden death’ by South Central Ambulance Service.

The victim, identified as Kirah Sines from Bagshot in Surrey tragically passed away on the street in the residential area of Bracknell despite life saving measures by paramedics.

A Home Office post-mortem examination found the cause of death was unascertained pending further investigation.

Following the incident, a 27-year-old man from Woking was arrested and released on bail.

The Bracknell News has appealed to Thames Valley Police regarding an update on the investigation which began one month ago.

A spokesperson from the force said: “There are no updates on this investigation and our enquiries are ongoing.”

During an initial statement, Thames Valley Police asked members of the public not to speculate about the incident.