‘FRIVILOUS STUNT’ were the words used to describe the Liberal Democrat’s Zumba session in Wokingham yesterday (July 1).

Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, visited Elms Field in Wokingham yesterday to show his support for their candidate, Clive Jones, after a spot of dancing.

The Tory candidate for Wokingham, Lucy Demery, posted to X (formerly Twitter) a picture of her and volunteers who had been out canvassing.

She wrote: “I knocked on doors for nine hours straight today, across Wokingham town and Crowthorne. No frivolous stunts. Just hard work, listening to residents and getting things done.”

Conservative councillor for Finchampstead, Charles Margetts, joined in, writing: “What do you want from an MP? Pointless media stunts doing Zumba in the park for the local paper or someone who gets on with the job instead.

“This is your choice on Thursday.”

But some X users weren’t convinced at this jab at the Lib Dems. One user replied: “Literally all your party do is a series of frivolous stunts and ineffective leadership. No hard work just culture wars.”

But another user was more positive, writing: “Good job! You’re getting stuff done, the same can’t be said for most of the people that jump on tweets like this and spout nonsense.”

Sir Ed has become well-known his viral  media stunts during this election campaign, which he insists have a ‘serious message’.

The Wokingham Zumba session was said to be all about ‘living life to the full’, as he highlighted their policy for greater support of bereaved families.