Vasyl Polenchuk, Griller from Nando’s Bracknell, has reached the UK and Ireland final of Nando’s Grillers’ Challenge 2024.

Nando’s Grillers’ Challenge is an international competition that takes place every year. It celebrates and tests the skill and passion behind Nando's famous PERi-PERi chicken.

Each country that has a Nando’s restaurant whittles down their very best Grillers and one from each country goes head to head to battle it out in an International Final.

Garry Duncan, Operations Director of Nando’s UK and Ireland, said: “Congratulations to Vasyl and the other UK and Ireland finalists. Reaching this final is a huge achievement and something to be very proud of."

The UK and Ireland leg of the competition has been on fire, involving over 480 restaurant heats, 30 quarter-final heats and 6 semi-finals to reach the ultimate UK final.

It’s so much more than a cook-off, each electrifying round tests the Griller’s technical skill.