Liberal Democrats leader Ed Davey has been back in the county - this time for a spot of dancing in Wokingham today (July 1) in the latest stunt on his election campaign trail.

The leader's latest Berkshire visit included a stop by Elms Field in Wokingham Town Centre to throw his support behind parliamentary candidate, Clive Jones, before voters head to the polls on Thursday July 4.

It comes after previous visits to the area in recent weeks have including paddleboarding, mini golf, and a round of tennis.

Speaking to the News, Sir Ed explained that today’s Zumba class was all about ‘supporting bereaved families so they can live life to the full’.

His party have announced a £440 million-a-year boost to support families suffering loss, extending the current 'heartless' 18-month cut off of financial support.

He explained: “Living life and being healthy is so important, and giving families who suffer bereavement support is really important.”

From paddleboarding to bungee jumping, the Lib Dem leader has become well known for his viral-worthy stunts during this election campaign. But he has insisted that along with raising the profile of his party, they are used to more importantly showcase their policies.

And this hasn’t stopped upon his visit to Wokingham – one of the key target seats as part of the so called ‘Blue Wall’ Tory seats that could switch to the Lib Dems on July 4.

(Image: Wokingham Liberal Democrats)

Sir Ed has shared his experience of losing both of his parents at a young age, his father when he was four years old, and his mother when he was aged 15.

He said: “When I was four my mother would get a widow’s pension and she got it all the way until she died when I was fifteen. It was an important part of our income.”

Sir Ed had arrived from Eastbourne, another target seat, where he urged voters to ‘take the plunge’ and vote for his party while bungee jumping.

Speaking about the meaning of this, he said: “I have found some of the other party’s campaigns a bit dull, a bit predictable, a bit unambitious. What we try to do is have a bit of fun.”

Having already visited the town once on the campaign trail, the Lib Dem leader said he would be ‘disappointed for the people of Wokingham’ if Clive Jones were not elected as their MP.

Mr Jones has been predicted to win the historically safe Tory seat by some polls. The current MP, Sir John Redwood, made a surprise decision to step down after serving in Parliament since 1987.

Sir Ed added: “What is special here in Wokingham and across the ‘blue wall’ which I’ve never seen in my lifetime before, in all of the elections I’ve fought – lifetime Conservatives are taking the plunge.”