A dog's rescue have come forward saying that they tragically found a dead and mutilated female XL Bully on the side of the A322.

A spokesperson for Dogs This Way Rescue said the following statement, expressing their sadness for the deceased dog

They said "We wanted to come on here to share some really sad news. A dog was found deceased on Saturday, local to us on the A322 towards Bracknell.

"Not only was the dog dead, she was mutilated, unrecognisable and many drivers would have thought it was a deer."

The charity went on to say that the images were extremely distressing to share but what they do know now is this dog was registered as a female XL bully so can only imagine why she ended up this way.

They spokesperson continued "We can all speculate but given the current situation with XL’s, no doubt she was bred from and surplus to requirements and dumped.

"We pray she didn’t suffer in her final moments but no doubt those final hours of her life or even minutes, she would have been terrified."

A member of the public called Nicki from Lost Dog Recovery who contacted a woman called Janine who’s local to the area and often helps Nicki and her team.

She contacted the police so they could shut the road so that she could safely recover what was left of the body. The charity expressed how Janine found this extremely upsetting.

The dog was chipped but the number was not recognised. Her name was Honey.

The spokesperson continued: "A huge thanks to the police for assisting with recovering her body and poor Janine who had to witness this sorry state and take her to the local vets.

"We have agreed to take her under our wing and the AMAZING Dignity are kindly collecting her on our behalf and will be cremating her individually for free and she will go the gardens at Dignity where Dogs Walk This Way have a area with our very own memorial plaque. No more suffering and run free over that rainbow bridge Honey. You were too good for this cruel world."

Over one hundred people took to the comment section of the statement to express their gratitude for what the charity has done.

The post was also shared almost two hundred times. 

One person said "Its time harsh jail terms come in to place, no matter if its a human or an animal this is murder and they shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets.

"I hope Honey is at peace and running free at the rainbow bridge."