It has become increasingly usual for new time mothers to join groups, workshops, and meet ups to get together with other new parents.

There are numerous things like mother and baby groups, pushchair strolls in the park for mums, and support groups to chat about all things children. 

But what about the dads? This is an obvious conundrum in this day and age, as many new fathers find themselves without many dad mates to chat to about having young children, and anything else for that matter.

With that in mind, one such father has come forward to offer a solution. 

Sunningdale resident Steve Cardwell recently posted to social media asking if any other local dads would like to get together for a coffee and a chat. 

On a post to Facebook, Mr Cardwell explained his wonderful idea which he humorously titled 'I want more dad friends!"

In the post he said "So here’s the story…my wife is an amazing wedding and event florist so Pearl and I are hanging out a lot of weekends on our own when our friends aren’t around.

"So I thought it would be great if I could meet some new Dads and Pearl could hang out with some new friends. She’s started to get sick of my chat!"

Mr Cardwell went on to say that if anyone wants to meet in the park for an hour for a chat and a coffee a group of dads are going to be at Broomhall Recreation Ground in Sunningdale on Sunday June 23 at 10 am.

Mr Cardwell continued "And if people are up for meeting on a regular basis and touring the parks of the area, we could make it a regular thing!

"Just show up, I’ll be the loud Northern Irish one and Pearl will be the one with the badly done ponytail!"

Mr Cardwell has since revealed that he has created a Whatsapp chat with likeminded dads who also want to meet up. 

The post received numerous comments from other Facebook users commending Mr Cardwell for coming up with such a wonderful idea to meet other dads.

One person wrote "What a great idea, I hope some new friends turn up for you both.

In agreement with the previous comment, another person said "Such a great idea, I would happily come along I am away sadly on holiday.

"We are always at the park there so I will keep a look out."

If you are interested in joining, here is the link.