A resident has hit out at a popular shopping complex after claims that a new role to prevent crime, and one that was heavily paid for with tax-payer cash, is not being utilised. 

Recently it was announced that over one hundred thousand pounds was to be invested in stationing ambassadors to prevent bicycles and illegal E-scooters causing havoc in the town centre. 

Bracknell Forest Council previously said a group of ‘town centre ambassadors’ are now on hand around the shopping centre and high street as part of a partnership between the council, The Lexicon and contractor NSL.

Paul Bidwell – the councillor responsible for business – said the team will help stop some people ‘spoiling the atmosphere and ambience for others'.

However, Andrew Carr spoke directly with The News and revealed that allegedly no such role has been administered around the Lexicon and town centre despite the enormous amount invested in the scheme. 

"I haven't seen a single 'ambassador' since reporting started of the new role and when I was standing by the Baked Jacket Potato van up by the Banks yesterday no fewer than six bicycles, all being ridden and some quite fast passed by, in less than 10 minutes," he said.

"There was also a fracas outside Vision Express with around 10 young men shouting and hollering and a chair had been thrown at somebody which had been taken from Costa outside tables."

Councillor Bidwell has said that the new ambassadors will ‘make sure that any anti-social behaviour is dealt with as soon as possible'.

The team will also be available to help shoppers and visitors with any questions, including by giving directions and advice on town centre activities and shops.

Despite this, Mr Carr said that when he asked one of the general Lexicon 'marshalls' where the new ambassadors were he stated that there simply aren't enough of them and they cannot 'police' the town centre.

Bracknell Forest Council have responded to these concerns and has said that the ambassador scheme is in its early stages but is definitely making an impact. 

They also revealed that ambassadors have been put to work already despite Mr Carr's concerns. 

Susan Halliwell, chief executive, said:  “The ambassadors are there to provide support and assistance to town centre visitors, working in collaboration with The Lexicon and the police. They are not a substitute for either the police or trained security guards – instead the idea is they all work together to support a safe and enjoyable shopping and leisure experience for all. 

“The ambassador scheme is still in its early stages but is already having a positive impact on things like encouraging people not to cycle in the town centre, which has been a concern for some time.”