Have you ever thought about how Bracknell has changed throughout the years? 

As we mark Bracknell’s 75th anniversary as a new town, Bracknell Forest Council will also be celebrating Culture and Community Day. , bringing together communities who remember the town throughout the years.

Originally, the little town in the heart of the Berkshire countryside was designed to be an innovative and exciting place that would cater to 25,000 people (in 1949).

New towns were seen as utopian towns that could provide everything a resident needs, with easy to navigate driving, cycling, and walking routes.

On June 17, 1949 under the New Towns Act 1946 it was established that Bracknell would be transformed into such a utopia.

In the past 75 years, the town has transformed with the inclusion of the town centre, the growth of the South Hill Park Arts Centre and the introduction of Bracknell’s Southern and Western Business areas comprise of 400 acres of retail, trade counters, industrial, warehousing and office space.

The original new town up until the construction of The Lexicon was designed by architect Cyril "Minch" Minchell. He dedicated a large portion of his career to creating the buildings and roads that turned a sleepy rural conurbation into a densely populated, major industrial town.

For many who grew up in the Berkshire town, they will remember many of the structures that Minch designed.

What do you remember about Bracknell through the years and how have you seen it change?