‘Fury’ at sewage pollution and housing are at the centre of the Green Party’s general election campaign in Bracknell.

Emily Torode, a 33 year old engineer, is standing for the Greens in Bracknell. She says that as a ‘keen open water swimmer’ she wants to campaign against sewage discharges by water companies.

She told the News: “I am a keen open water swimmer and I am furious at the state of the sewage pollution in this country. One of my key election focuses will be to raise awareness and campaign on the issue of sewage in our seas and rivers.”

Emily Torode also said a call to keep rents down and abolish no-fault evictions will feature heavily in her campaign.

She said: “As a young person who does not own my own property and is still renting, I know first hand how difficult the housing situation is a the moment.

“I experienced a no fault eviction last year, and I strongly believe that we need better rent controls as more and more people cannot afford to buy their own homes. I will campaign to abolish no fault evictions and make renting more secure and more affordable for tenants.”

Labour Party candidate Peter Swallow and Liberal Democrat Katie Mansfield also say they will campaign against sewage discharges by Thames Water.

And Conservative candidate James Sunderland – Bracknell’s most recent MP – told the News last month the government had ‘imposed record fines for water companies’ and ‘made sewage dumping a criminal offence'.