The top secondary school in Bracknell Forest for pupil progression is Ranelegh School, according to a new report.

The report titled School Attainment Report is compiled by the Online Marketing Surgery.

It ranks secondary schools across various areas of Berkshire based on their average progress 8 score, a figure used to measure student improvement from the end of key stage 2 to the end of key stage 4.

The School Attainment Report relied on the latest statistics from GOV.UK.

The data included student count at each key stage's end and their respective progress 8 score.

Ranelagh School, located on Ranelagh Drive, triumphed with a progress 8 score of 0.46 which is slightly above an average score of 0.

They had 169 students at the end of key stage 4.

Furthermore, other schools that performed well include Edgbarrow School with a progress 8 score of 0.36, King’s Academy Binfield with 0.32, and The Brakenhale School with a progress score of 0.

They had 211,119, and 203 students respectively at the end of key stage 4.

This report provides valuable insights into school performance across Berkshire.

By these standards, Garth Hill College, Sandhurst Secondary School and Easthampstead Park Community School, gained scores under the average score of 0.

Its focus on progress 8 scores offers a fair measure of a school's ability to foster improvement in their pupils over time, thus providing a benchmark to assess the quality of education.

It's important to understand that these scores don't necessarily reflect the current standard of education but instead reveal how effective schools are at improving their students' academic performance from key stage 2 to key stage 4.

The report does not include figures for special education schools.

As such, for parents, educators and policymakers, the School Attainment Report provides a useful tool to evaluate and compare school performance.

Whether top-performer or struggling, each school now has clear and measurable data to inspire improvements in teaching and learning strategies.