Residents have been complaining about a road in Wokingham that has become notorious for potholes, with many saying that something should be done about it. 

Station Road has been dubbed by many as 'shoddy' and 'poorly maintained' due to the huge amount of potholes that litter its surface.

On a recent post to social media one such resident shared an image of the street along with the caption "Station Road in Wokingham not looking so good today May 19 2024."

Dozens flocked to the comment section to air their grievances on the state of the road. 

Some suggested the reasoning for the road being in such a condition, stating that this is probably due to works being done below the surface.

One commenter said "Unfortunately, utilities digging up the road only need to fill in the hole, but this creates a weak spot in the surface, reducing the life of the surface and decreasing the lifespan of the surface as a whole, so the tax payer will have to resurface the road sooner than expected."

Others suggested that the council should be more dedicated to fixing roads such as this one and compared it to a time when they believe the work was done quicker.

Another person wrote "I remember back in the day when whole stretches of motorway could be replaced in the middle of the night by one hardworking crew.

"Now it seems the council allows contractors to close whole sections of road for weeks at a time and you never see a single worker! The council seems to allow contractors to dictate when and how they work with no penalty.

"This road will never gets a full resurface. it would cause mayhem for at least a month."

Plenty of other residents also called for the road to be resurfaced, many stating that they think it is disgraceful for a road in the town to be in such bad condition. 

One said "What an eyesore, it was never like that when I lived and worked in Wokingham."

In agreement with the previous comment, a further person wrote "That road is a disgrace, truly unacceptable in my opinion."

Another person said " I just felt that this entire section is not just the utilities patching but the surface generally has reached the end of its life and all needs replacing.

"However, it looks like it has been marked up for yet more patching."