This week the town gladly welcomed Cllr Jenny Penfold as the new Mayor of Bracknell Forest.

Since the mayor took up her duties she has been busying herself in the local community getting out and about to embark on visits to key establishments and companies. 

One such time was when the mayor visited Natural Baby Shower, a company that sells items for new parents and young children.

Natural Baby Shower sells and distributes ethically sourced and eco-friendly items like pushchairs, feeding apparatus, toys, games, seat belts, car seats, and much more. 

To celebrate her visit the mayor posted the following statement to social media:

"Founders of Natural Baby Shower, Clifton Vaughan & Victoria Hampson, were delighted to welcome Deputy Mayor, Cllr Jenny Penfold, and Cllr Paul Bidwell, who congratulated the pair on their many years of success, and thanked them for the work they do for charity and the environment."