Are you looking to sample the wonderful world of CBD vaping? With so many CBD vape products on the market, it might be pretty confusing about which vape product to add to your daily experience. It’s even more challenging when you’re a vegan and have lifestyle restrictions to think about.

That’s what we’re here for. Let the team at NutraHolistics introduce you to the best CBD vape pens in the UK. We examined all the leading brands to formulate this review of the best devices and e-liquids. Let us help you find your perfect match in vegan-friendly vaping.

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#1 Blessed CBD – Your Go-To for Disposable Vegan-Friendly CBD Vape Pens

Looking for a high-end vegan disposable CBD vape pen? Look no further than Blessed CBD! Whether you want to blow massive clouds or take small sips on your pen, Blessed CBD has you covered. Dispensing up to 3,000 hits per pen with a smooth 400mg dosage, Blessed is your go-to for vegan-friendly vaping. Its e-liquids are vegan-friendly, with no artificial ingredients or contaminants.

You get third-party tested CBD and e-liquids designed to enhance your well-being, not damage it. This leak-free pen comes in mixed fruit and cherry flavors that taste succulent while satisfying your vegan lifestyle. Blessed CBD also scores well on Trustpilot reviews and has some awesome deals on multi-packs for members.

#2 Vibes CBD – Top Vegan Choice for Flavourful CBD Vape Pens

Next up is Vibes CBD, delivering stunning quality and taste in its range of disposable CBD vape pens. You get a tasty vegan treat with every pull on its pens, with a 400mg dosage that’s ideal for beginners and intermediate users.

You get decent cloud production, leak-free pen design, third party tested CBD, and a range of tasty vegan-friendly flavors. Like Blessed, Vibes doesn’t use any artificial ingredients, making it a solid runner-up for the best vegan-friendly vape pen in the UK.

#3 British Cannabis – Best in Vegan Terpene Flavors

Flavor-Forward: There's plenty for connoisseurs to enjoy in the British Cannabis vegan terpene flavor lineup. From Strawberry OG Kush to Island Zkittlez, one can hardly help but love every offering in this disposable pen range.

It's all cruelty-free, and the brand also offers CBD e-liquid with different strengths and flavors to suit your experience level. It’s a flavorful and ethical vaping experience equivalent to the top brands in the US market, such as CBDfx.

#4 CBD Oil King – Prime Choice for Full-Spectrum Vegan CBD Vaping

For a vegan-friendly full-spectrum cannabidiol experience, CBD Oil King has a great line of disposable vapes. It’s an imported brand, so it comes with top-shelf pricing. While the prices are pretty steep for these pens, they are of premium quality, and the range of flavors offers quite a comprehensive vaping experience for vegans.

This Orange County brand uses full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD distillate. You can expect a terpene-rich vaping experience with an amazing pen design and 700 puffs per pen. The cloud production is insane, and it’s a top choice for experienced users with up to 1,500mg per cart.

#5 CBDfx – Premium Imported Vegan CBD Vape Pen Experience

CBDfx is an award-winning brand, and its range of user-friendly disposable vape pens is a great choice for vegans looking for a high-strength vaping experience. With dosages of up to 3,000mg per pen and up to 3,000 puffs per cart, it’s great value for the experienced vegan vaper looking for an imported brand at a great price.

Sold as premium disposables, the brand ensures the most luxurious and ethically sourced vapes available. The price is high, yes, but with quality and flavor combined with vegan terpenes, it's worth it for those looking for the finer things in the vegan-friendly vaping lifestyle.

#6 Supreme CBD – Ideal for Vegan Beginners and Experts Alike

Supreme CBD certainly nails the flavor game with pinpoint accuracy. Its vast selections of flavors in vegan-friendly disposable vape pens leaves vegan vapers spoiled for choice. Their products come with 3,000 puffs per cartridge, and CBD mg dosages ranging between 300g to 1,500mg for both new and experienced vape enthusiasts.

The brand is very reputable, with customers expressing how satisfied they were with these hassle-free, vegan vape pens. It’s a premium disposable, with full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options available.

#7 JustCBD – The Best Live Resin Vegan-Friendly Vape Pen on the Market

JustCBD is another US brand available in the UK, with broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options for vape enthusiasts. This vegan-friendly company is the only one in this review offering live resin carts. These disposables are top-of-the-line and worth their weight in gold, but they cost an arm and a leg. Still, it’s worth the cash if you have it.

The terpene-rich flavors are amazing, with classics like Sour Diesel and Pineapple Express available. You only have a 1,000mg option, so it’s a bit heavy for vegan newbies, but it is a great choice for experienced CBD vapers looking for something different from the regular distillates available from the other brands in this review.

The Best Vegan CBD Vape Pens in the UK – A Complete Buyers Guide

This section walks you through everything vegan vapers need to know about devices and e-liquids. If you have concerns over the ethics of vaping, you’ll find the answers here. Let’s go!

Is Vaping CBD Vegan Friendly?

Going vegan is a hot wellness trend these days. It’s an ethical lifestyle choice and a great way to show respect for life on earth. But is vaping vegan? Are there any animal products in vape pens or e-liquids?

Here's the lowdown: When it comes to vaping, it's pretty vegan. You don’t need to be concerned about breathing in animal-derived goop. Technically, most brands try to stay away from animal-derived products in their vaping formulations as much as possible and go for vegan alternatives with no animal product additives instead.

The Ingredients in CBD E-Liquids Are Vegan

The essential ingredients making up the overwhelming majority of e-liquids are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and CBD. Propylene glycol is generally a synthetic chemical obtained from the distillation of either vegetables or petroleum. CBD is usually extracted from the best CBD oil from organic hemp or cannabis plants and later synthesized into CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD.

Now, glycerin might be a bit iffy for vegan vape products because it can be derived from animal fat. But vegan-friendly brands avoid using glycerin that’s a by-product of soap manufacturing: you mix lye with fat, and voila, it out comes soap and glycerin.

Many of your standard soaps will likely use animal fat, so animal-based glycerin is a thing. However, when going through the list of ingredients used in e-liquids, you’ll often find “vegetable glycerin” or just the abbreviation “VG,’ as a carrier oil, which suggests it's plant-derived. It’s worth mentioning that we haven’t heard of any high-quality e-liquid company testing products on animals.

How to Vape a CBD Pen

After preparing your CBD vape kit, you’re ready to start your vaping experience with the effects of CBD on your physiology. Vaping CBD is more accessible than it sounds. First, pop your CBD vape oil cartridge into your vape pen or whatever gadget you’re going to use. If it comes with a battery pack, juice it up before kicking off.

Once your rechargeable battery is all powered up, flip on your vape device. Put the mouthpiece to your lips and take a slow, steady inhale. As you inhale, you'll draw vapor into your mouth. Keep the vapor hanging in your mouth with your lips sealed for a couple of seconds. Then, open your mouth and inhale the vapor down deep into your lungs. Allow it to fill in, then breathe out. Enjoy the sensation CBD brings to your well-being.

Disposable pens are easier to use; they come ready to go right out of the box, with button activation. There are no complicated settings and no need to refill. Toss it out when it’s finished and start another.

Are CBD E-Liquid Flavours Vegan?

Now it's time to delve deep into the world of vape juice flavors. E-Liquids come in natural flavors like berries or artificial flavors like candy and are gluten-free. Artificial flavors are made in a lab, and natural flavors come from natural sources. But that’s not always the case; for example, if a juice says "natural lemon flavor," it doesn't need to be made from lemons.

The three leading players in vape e-liquid flavors are vanilla, citrus, strawberry, and raspberry. From time to time, you might find castoreum listed in the ingredients of these flavors, and that’s a no-go for vegan vapers because it’s derived from animals—and also pretty expensive. It is mainly used in perfumes, so you don't often find it in e-liquid formulations.

When we talk about e-liquids with dairy vibes, such as ice cream, custard, milk, and cream, these are usually vegan-friendly. Most CBD vape juice will contain vanilla, but it doesn't come from sources such as castoreum. But for peace of mind, we recommend hitting up e-liquid manufacturers directly if you’re uncertain if their products are vegan-friendly and free from animal ingredients.

Avoid CBD E-Liquids with Carmine Red

Oh, and a heads-up on some colors in e-liquids, like carmine red (a.k.a. E120) - this stuff comes from bugs! Yuck! Not only is this disgusting, but it is also non-vegan and can mess with people's allergies.

The Deal with Third-Party Tested E-Liquids

Okay, so when manufacturers mention "third-party testing," it means independent labs who follow the FDA's big rule book to make sure everything is above board. This means any lab reports and paperwork they spit out is legit.

And if they want to hawk their vape goodies in the UK, then by George, they must adhere to these regulations to a T, including displaying a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for CBD batches on their site. This fancy piece of paper shows the concentration of CBD in the vape liquid and if there are any contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides present.

Third party lab results are no joke. They look into everything from the amount of CBD and how thick or watery the vape juice is (that's your PG/VG ratio, people) to other scientific stuff, such as boiling points and pH levels. All this lab work goes to make sure the e-juice you're puffing is safe and top quality.

And just so you know, lab tests also include the following.

Cannabinoid Profiles

So, the main gig for these third-party labs is to check out cannabinoid profiles. Some use quite sophisticated gear, like High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), to find the exact amount of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids like CBG chilling in your product to create the entourage effect. All these tests help ensure that what is on the report is in the bottle.

Terpene Profiles

Terpenes impart characteristic smells to cannabis and hemp plants. Terpenes also make CBD more bioavailable, helping your body take up the cannabinoids, while others may relax you, perk you up, or even assist in keeping the “queasies” away. But here's the thing: terpenes usually only feature in full-spectrum CBD products because when they isolate CBD, they strip the terpenes out, making this form of CBD THC-free for the desired effects and no side effects.

Vegan-Friendly CBD Vape Gear

When looking for a new vape, check out what you’re buying before finalizing your purchase. Look around, as some might have non-vegan frills like leather or abalone shells on the mod. That’s not cool if you're trying to keep it animal-friendly. But don't sweat it. These features are usually mentioned in the product description, making them easy to avoid.

FAQs – The Best Vegan CBD Vape Pens in the UK

Q: How do I manage the dose of CBD I’m getting with my vape?

A: Just an FYI, a 1,000mg tank of vape juice has about 33 mg of CBD per ml. That's pretty much what you'd want in a day and can last from 100 to 300 puffs—depending on your vaping style.

Q: How much CBD do I get in each puff from my vape pen?

A: You’re looking at about 0.2mg of CBD per puff if you're taking it easy and going for a 2-3 second draw on your vape pen.

Q: What's the experience like when vaping CBD?

A: CBD won't get you high; it's the non-psychoactive cousin to THC but still has some exciting wellness characteristics. Most people report feeling calm and relaxed, but some say it dulls pain, and others say it helps them to fall asleep easier (However, there is no medical evidence supporting these claims of improving sleep quality, relieving pain, or managing anxiety. It’s all just anecdotal evidence from users. Speak to your doctor before using CBD for these purposes). After all, everyone's experience can be slightly different depending on what kind of CBD you're going with. It’s a different experience to using edibles like CBD gummies or CBD oil tincture from a dropper.

Q: What else do I need to know about the wellness benefits of vaping CBD?

A: The FDA and USDA don’t certify CBD for any medical treatments and they don’t verify any health benefits from CBD. They recognize it as a supplement. While there’s anecdotal reports of the potential benefits of CBD providing chronic pain relief, anxiety reduction, and sleep improvement, there’s no medical evidence on these effects. Speak to your healthcare professional about vaping CBD if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.