Hello, skincare enthusiasts! Have you heard about all the amazing benefits that CBD topicals bring into your skincare regimen and life? Whether it's to loosen up your muscles and joints or restore your youthful looks—CBD creams, lotions, and balms can definitely help you out.

With loads of brands sprouting left and right in the UK, who would you trust with your CBD skincare routine? It's like walking through a maze of options, each promising the moon and the stars.

No stress! NutraHolistics has got your back. We waded through the noise to bring you reviews of the leading imported and local CBD skincare brands. Our full buyer's guide is a golden ticket to help you make an informed choice. Whether easing muscular or joint tension or keeping wrinkles at bay, we have you covered with the best of the best.

The Best UK CBD Cream Brands 

#1 Blessed CBD – The Best Overall UK Brand for CBD Cream

If you’re about to dive into the pool of CBD topicals, then check out Blessed CBD; it’s a must. They slay their competition when it comes to premier and top-tier CBD formulations. They use CBD isolate, which means that their topical products contain no trace of THC. So, basically, if you're not about that THC life, they've got you. Heads up, though: If you’re after full-spectrum CBD, Blessed CBD doesn't offer any.

They've really thought of everything with their skincare lineup, which includes a balm, lotion, and cream. The powerhouse—the lotion, has a massive 1,000mg of CBD per bottle, the strongest option in the range. The cream features a 125mg concentration and is designed as a beginner product for those new to topical products. Meanwhile, the balm sits nicely in the middle with 750mg, which is ideal for those of you with a bit more CBD experience.

Bracknell News:

Now, let's talk about perks! Their array of products is dazzling, designed for all experience levels, from beginner to connoisseur, with different dosages to suit your needs. All products are third-party lab-tested (yes, we love to see it), and the prices? Super inviting, especially when that member's discount kicks in or you grab a bundle deal. The only drawback? There are no full-spectrum products, but if you're cool with that, Blessed CBD could be your go-to UK brand.

#2 Vibes CBD – Another Top-Rated UK CBD Cream Brand

Vibes CBD, our silver medalist, is runner-up for the best CBD cream in the UK. Whether you're starting out in the CBD game or a seasoned player, Vibes has something that will work for you. They go up to 750mg in strength and get great user reviews.

Vibes CBD is all about transparency. Every CBD isolate topical product undergoes testing in third-party labs, with the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) viewable right on their site. What really makes it stand out is the reasonable pricing, offering excellent value, especially in comparison to other players in the market.

The product lineup is awesome. They offer strength options to fit any experience level or lifestyle, with great pricing. Like Blessed CBD, they don't make any full-spectrum topicals, all their products are totally THC-free. Quality and affordability come together in the range and Vibes CBD is a solid choice for your pain-relief and skincare needs.

The Best US CBD Cream Brands Available in the UK

#1 JustCBD – A Premium Range of CBD Creams 

Here comes an imported US brand that rocks your world with heating and cooling gels. If you’re an athletic person or a senior and suffering from stiff joints and sore muscles, the JustCBD range is for you. They’ve got a solid full-spectrum CBD lineup, including creams, roll-ons, and gels – but heads up, there are no balms or salves in the mix.

Now, let's talk about strength – these products don’t play around. It’s for CBD veterans out there who have experience in the CBD game and need something potent, with up to 1,500mg in a single bottle. So, if you're just starting out, this might not be the best fit as they don't offer any low-strength options. 

Here's the rundown: a great pick for the more experienced among us, excellent for athletes and seniors seeking serious relief. Definitely not one of the best for absolute CBD beginners, but it is also a little pricier. And remember, there's no option for balm or salve. 

#2 CBDfx – The Leader in High-Strength CBD Creams

CBDfx, the American import, is taking over the UK/US market, especially if you're already a seasoned CBD user. The full-spectrum products really are amazing, offering additional cannabinoids like CBG, with a choice of balms and even luxe massage oils. But the real star of the show is the hemp lavender face mask, doling out a soothing 20mg of CBD. Full-on spa vibes, right?

Yes, CBDfx is a bit on the higher price side, but believe us, the quality justifies the splurge. This is an absolutely perfect pick for one who knows their way around CBD products and wants it a little stronger.

So, in short, CBDfx is a strong choice for CBD veterans out there, offering one of the most extensive product lines on the market. That said, there are no low-strength options if you’re just starting out. If unique and high-quality products are your thing, then CBDfx could be for you.

A History of CBD Cream Use in the US & UK 

CBD oil and cream has really gone mainstream in the US in the last decade, but there was a time when CBD products were taboo. The passing of the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment by Congress in 2014 changed the CBD consumer landscape. The bill gave the green light to cannabidiol products, opening the door to market acceptance. 

The 2018 update to the Farm Bill saw the legalization of CBD and THC products in many US states. Its classification under federal law as a detached category of cannabis from marijuana saw a boom in the CBD market and accessibility of CBD products.

The UK was a bit tougher. In 2016, the government softened its stance on CBD, with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency accepting CBD as a supplement to promote natural well-being and therapeutic healing.

The regulations are a shade tighter in the UK, so the products hitting the shelves are top-notch due to EU regulations and emphasis on purity and safety. So, whether in the US or the UK, CBD is a story of growth, innovation, and overcoming regulatory milestones. 

Today, it's so much more than a fad; years of evolution, research and development on CBD creams gives consumers more options than ever, with creams, salves, CBD balm, and skincare products widely available. Here's to smooth, soothed skin, with a side of natural wellness solutions!

Is There a Difference in Quality Between UK & US CBD Cream Brands?

So, here’s the thing: both the UK and the US produce high-quality CBD creams and skincare products. There’s a gargantuan market for CBD topicals in the United States and the United Kingdom, with tons of brands offering innovative creams, balms, and salves.

You get options for organic full-spectrum or broad-spectrum topicals, rigorously tested to stringent quality standards. While the US was the market leader after loosening regulations, the UK gives the US a run for its money with its product range, safety and efficacy standards, and ethical sourcing.

Should You Go with a Local or Imported CBD Cream Product?

Whether imported or local, the debate of whether to choose UK or US CBD topicals boils down to your personal preference and experience. If supporting local businesses and reducing your carbon footprint means something to you, then definitely "go local." Local products often mean fresher ingredients and quicker access to customer service if you have questions or concerns.

On the other hand, imported CBD creams would mean unlocking formulas that may not be available locally. 

Whether you support local or go for imported CBD topicals, do your homework. Always check organic ingredients lists, read through customer reviews, and most importantly, ensure that the brand is all about transparency with their testing and sourcing. At the end of the day, it's all about finding the right fit for your skin and your wellness routine.

Characteristics of Top-Rated CBD Cream Brands

Extraction Technology & Method

First up, extraction methods. Believe it or not, how CBD gets pulled from the plant does matter—big time! Most reputable brands tend to use supercritical CO2 extraction. This is the "gold standard": clean, efficient, and ensures the CBD is kept pure from nasty solvents and contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. So, if you shop, look for brands that use this method of extraction; it's a good bet for high-quality and safe CBD.

Third-Party COAs & Testing Results

Leading CBD brands always provide proof of independent testing and display a Certificate of Analysis (COA) right on the website to ensure the ingredients in the formulation are consistent with the label. It's all about making sure you get the real deal, with the exact amount of CBD that is promised by the manufacturer and no unwanted GMO ingredients that might cause side effects.

Reputation & Customer Reviews

Hype aside, the brand's reputation is all about what people say about their product experience online. Look for credible brands with glowing reviews and positive testimonials. If users rave about efficacy and quality on social media or independent review sites like Trustpilot, it’s a solid product.

Topical Product Range

The best CBD cream brands understand the varied needs of the topical market. They offer an assortment of products to fit different needs. From cool menthol blends to soothing rich creams, whether you need post-workout recovery or a nightly anti aging product for your skincare routine, you have plenty of options to find the right match for your specific skincare or recovery needs, including products infused with essential oils, jojoba oil, shea butter, arnica, coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients to suit your wellness goals.

Topical Potencies

Potency is important for newbies and experienced users. Topicals come in different CBD strengths, ranging from 400mg for beginners up to 3,000mg for advanced CBD topical enthusiasts in their CBD skincare routine. Choose the formulation and strength that satisfies your experience level. If you’re a newbie to the CBD topical scene, start with a lower dose and build into higher dosages as your tolerance increases. 

Health & Medical Disclaimers for CBD Cream Use

Heads up: As you dive into the market of topical CBD products, note that while users claim CBD topicals placate pain and inflammation, when it comes to pain-relief with CBD supplementation, it’s all anecdotal evidence. CBD has never been approved for the treatment of any health conditions, including pain management, chronic pain relief, or skin disorders in specific areas by the FDA and it’s not USDA-certified.

Never consider CBD relief cream as a substitute for the treatment and advice from a medical practitioner. Individual results can vary, and what works for one person might not work for another. Stay informed and stay safe! 

The Best CBD Creams in the UK – FAQ

Q: What benefits do I get from using CBD cream?

A: CBD cream is like a magic potion for your skin. It comes loaded with properties that soothe inflammation, reduce pain, and calm skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis (see our disclaimer above for the medical research, or lack thereof, around using CBD for pain management). Plus, it has a super moisturizing and hydrating effect. Whether you're suffering from sore muscles due to a killer workout or simply want to show your skin some extra love, The nourishing, hydrating, warming, or cooling effect of CBD cream could well be your go-to. Just rub it in and let it do its thing!

Q: What’s the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD?

A: Full-spectrum CBD is the life of the party! It includes a wider range of cannabinoids compared to broad-spectrum CBD topicals. There are trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG. Full-spectrum topicals come from the CBD-heavy cannabis plant, while broad-spectrum topicals come from CBD isolate derived from organic hemp plants. Full-spectrum products create an "entourage effect," but they might not be the best choice for all users. 

Q: Who should use CBD cream?

A: CBD topicals are good for anyone who needs to dull inflammation or improve skin health and hydration. This product speaks to athletes looking for its anti-inflammatory properties for a speedy recovery after training stress or experiencing an injury. Beauty gurus have sworn by this cream, with its effective antiaging and skin-calming effects. Whether it's achy joints from typing all day or something more chronic like arthritis pain or back pain (see our disclaimer on claims regarding CBD and its pain relieving properties – there’s no medical evidence suggesting it offers these advantages), the cooling sensation and benefits of CBD cream may provide relief from tight or stiff joints. 

Q: Does CBD cream have any side effects?

A: CBD lotion and creams are generally considered safe, with no chance of producing severe side effects. Mild reactions, such as skin irritation or an allergic response, may occur in users who are sensitive to additional ingredients in the topical formulation. It's a good idea to patch-test a bit on your skin first, and if you're taking other meds, talk to your doctor to be sure the CBD won’t mess with anything else you are using.