A beautiful Berkshire Estate has been spotted as one of the major locations used in the new season of Netflix's latest historical drama ‘Bridgerton’ after a two and a half year break.

This comes as filming took place up and down the country to capture the stunning English backdrop of the ‘Ton'.

Berkshire’s Basildon Park was a particular favourite during filming, as directors followed in the footsteps of Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey.

Although location scouts have many ancestral homes and National Trust sites to choose from up and down England, the splendour of Basildon Park and the proximity to London made it the perfect choice in the latest season.

Basildon’s Garden Room and parterre were both used to film an evening party scene in series two.

In total, it took a week to prepare for filming, as the shoot took place in late October whereas Bridgerton’s action is set during the London ‘season’, which traditionally runs from April to the end of August.

The production design team brought in around 5000 artificial flowers to fill the rose garden with ‘summer’ blooms, and also added more greenery and foliage around the back of the house.

In the latest series three, which was shot in a summer of drought, the parched grass had to be sprayed green.

Party scenes took place during night shoots from 8pm – 5am. A team of staff and volunteers worked around the clock to get everything set up, and to be on hand during the filming.

As bats are in residence at Basildon Park and night shoots could disturb them, National Trust rangers stipulated that filming lights must be turned off at twilight and dawn.

Sally Doran, Assistant National Trust Conservator, Filming and Locations: “The film industry is fast-paced and high-pressure. It’s a different pace to normal National Trust ways of working, but it’s our job to think on our feet and find creative solutions that will facilitate the film crew whilst protecting our historic environment.”