A family in Bracknell are offering a colossal reward for anyone who may have any information about their missing pet.

The anniversary of Nala the cat's disappearance occurred earlier this week, meaning that the young grey feline has been missing for over a year now. 

Despite the lengthy amount of time that Nala's whereabouts has been unknown, her family are still desperately trying to find her and are offering £500 to anyone who may know where she is. 

Bianca Pascucci wrote posted on social media how her heart is completely broken after finally hitting the one year anniversary of Nala’s disappearance.

On Friday May 12 2023 Nala went out to play and never came home. Nala was last seen at 4.30 pm on Carnation Drive, so whatever happened to her after this time still remains a mystery.

Mrs Pascucci said "There are no words to explain how much we miss her and the lengths we have and would go to have her back home with us.

"Of course, there are mixed opinions on where she could be and what may have happened to her, but 365 days later, we still believe that she’s out there somewhere, and we have our suspicions that she is being kept inside somebodies home, close to where we live.

"Somebody out there knows where Nala is and for whatever reason are keeping quiet."

The Pascucci family raised Nala from a six week old kitten and consider her to be a huge part of their family.

"Yes, someone may have seen her and completely fallen in love with her, she’s beautiful, but she HAS A LOVING HOME," Mrs Pascucci continued. 

The family has urged anyone who may know anything at all to please get in touch and have promised that they will remain completely anonymous.

Mrs Pascucci also said that people have tried to prank call her number and have lied about seeing Nala. 

She ended the statement with "Come home Nala, this last year has been nothing short of horrendous. My daughter misses her best friend and still cries for her."

Dozens of people flocked to the comment section of the post to express their concerns for Nala's whereabouts and their condolences for the Pascucci family. 

One person wrote "Many many years ago a cat of mine went missing . One minute they're and then not .

"I think it’s far worse not knowing what happened and if they are ok and being looked after, or have met their fate.

"At least if they had sadly lost their life you could have closure."

If you know anything about where Nala may be, please call 07879021461.