A popular eatery is due to be hitting Wokingham within the next coming months. 

Wokingham Borough Council have announced that Luckys Diner will be coming to Elms Walk in Wokingham this autumn.

The establishment serves burgers, wraps, chicken platters, steak, fried chicken, loaded fries, milkshakes, waffles and MUCH more. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the restaurant and kitchen development sector, Founder Hasan Habib was passionate about creating a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) that couldn’t be “pigeon-holed” as a one product customer offer.

He focussed on developing cooking techniques that enabled a varied continental style menu to be developed and sold within a QSR environment.

So whilst everyone around him was developing single product offerings Hasan opened the 1st Luckys branch in 2018 in Oldham-and the rest is history!

Residents have expressed their excitement after it was announced that the new eatery is coming to the town. 

One person said "This looks amazing finally something decent coming to Wokingham."

In agreement with the previous comment, another person wrote "The cardiology dept at the RBH are going to see their workload increase...Looks great though!"

Offering a wide ranging menu using locally sourced fresh ingredients Luckys became the “go to” Diner in Oldham, offering a menu for all.

Operations continued to be developed and in 2021 Stockport was opened, and then in March 2023 Luckys launched its 1st Franchise in Openshaw.

A spokesperson for Luckys said "But Luckys won’t stop there, we are looking to grow nationally across the U.K."