Adults receiving social care in Wokingham have a lower than average quality of life, according to recently published government figures.

Wokingham Borough Council scored the lowest among a group of similar local authorities in a survey of adults receiving social care.

However, the council says its score is improving as it tries to help people live ‘gloriously ordinary lives'.

Wokingham Borough Council received a score of 0.3 – on a scale of -0.8-1.0 – after an annual survey of adults in social care in the year 2021-22. This is lower than the average for other councils in England, which is 0.4.

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Oflog – the government department responsible for councils – recently used that year’s survey to show how councils are performing in comparison to each other.

But David Hare, the councillor responsible for health, said Wokingham Borough Council has improved since then.

He told the News: “Over the past year we’ve continued to commit to putting people at the centre of decisions being made, hosting several events where people with experience of accessing adult social care have been able to share their ideas and help shape and improve how services are delivered.

“It’s clear this approach is showing positive changes as the quality of life measure has improved and sits at 0.443 for 2022-23, and better than our comparators.”

He added: “We’re pleased with this result and hope to see ongoing improvements as we work with those receiving care and support to build a new future for social care.”