The Lexicon has addressed rumors about a new store thought to be opening in an empty unit in Princess Square.

This comes as a casual takeaway food chain pulled out of plans to open in the town.

Wimpy first announced plans to open in the Lexicon’s Princess Square three years ago in June 2020. After a host of issues with supply chains during challenging economic times, the unit beside Starbucks has sat empty for years.

Following rumors by members of the public about the opening of a new Tesco Express store, the Lexicon has confirmed that this is the works.

Rob Morris, general manager at The Lexicon, said: “We can confirm that we are in talks with Tesco regarding a new Tesco Express store at The Lexicon. We hope to share further updates in due course.”

The potential opening of a Tesco Express follows a variety of new store opening in the shopping complex.