Leaders of all three main parties in the Wokingham Borough Council election have given their first impressions ahead of the results today (May 3).

The Liberal Democrats have controlled the council for two years – though without an overall majority. They’re hoping to win enough seats to take overall control today.

Stephen Conway, the Liberal Democrat Council leader, is cautiously optimistic. He told the News: “It’s impossible to tell at this stage. My impression is that a lot of people came out to vote.

“All of the parties have fought a vigorous campaign and we’ve seen a high level of interest in this election. We’ll have to see how the votes fall.”

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The message from his main rival, Conservative leader Pauline Jorgensen, is also to wait and see. She said: “We’ve worked very hard and we’ve got a good team of candidates. It’s down to democracy now, and it’s too difficult to call.”

But she added that issues that the Conservatives have put front and centre – such as road repairs and refuse collections – ‘are top of people’s minds'.

“If we get into control of the council we will do what we said we will do, which is roll back parking charges, retain weekly waste collections, and fix the roads.”

Andy Croy is the leader of the Labour Party group, said his party had a ‘very warm’ reception where it campaigned. He said: “Nobody can accuse us of taking their vote for granted.”

But he added: “It’s early yet and the sharp end is later this afternoon. But I think it’s going to be a bad day for the Conservatives.”