IF YOU sniff hard enough, you might just be able to smell it. That's change in the air as Wokingham - and many towns around the UK - go to the polls in what is being described as one of the toughest tests of Rishi Sunak’s premiership as Prime Minister.

Politicos are expecting the results of this Thursday's local elections to be a bellwether for what lies ahead for the as-yet unplanned national poll later this year. 

If the results are as predicted, the Conservatives are set to suffer heavy losses across the UK - and in Wokingham, where the party currently has 22 seats to the Lib Dems 26. 

No party currently has overall control over Wokingham Borough Council - but Thursday could change everything as the Lib Dems are feeling 'optimistic' about taking over some of the Tory strongholds.

Both parties and Labour have been on the ground campaigning hard in recent weeks, flooding residents with leaflets, visits from major politicians (Lib Dem leader Ed Davey in Wokingham in March, right), and generally getting their message out far and wide. The outcome of their efforts will be revealed on Friday, after Thursday's vote.

To help you cut through the noise, our talented and trusted team of trained journalists will be working hard this week to bring you the latest news and updates live from the election count in Wokingham. 

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Who says local politics is boring!