Labour can offer an ‘effective opposition’ on Wokingham Borough Council, its leading councillor Andy Croy has said.

Labour has also increased its number of councillors in the borough over recent years. Currently it has just a modest five seats on the council – although this is up from three this time last year and two the year before.

Councillor Croy has said that Labour has cooperated with the council where it feels it can influence decisions – but opposed those it disagrees with.

He told the News: “We look at each issue individually. We’re generally looking at things and thinking, is it a good thing or not.

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“There have been occasions where we’ve voted with the Conservatives. But effective is also about influencing things that are going to happen, not just throwing the toys out of the pram.

“You hear so often why can’t you work together – and sometimes you can. You can change things, you can influence things, and you can point out mistakes.”

Councillor Croy said Labour’s campaigning has focussed on issues facing each ward. But he said the coming general election had influenced the way people see the party locally.

He said: “Most people think we’re going to be the next government and they’re looking at their local parties with a more favourable eye and where they see candidates who are doing stuff, the change in the national picture has affected dhow people see us locally.”