A good showing by the Liberal Democrats at the local elections could herald a change of MP in Wokingham, the party’s national leader has said.

Ed Davey visited Warfield in the north of the borough on Monday. He told the News that ‘lifelong’ Conservative voters are turning to the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Davey said: “They feel that the Conservative party no longer represents their values and no longer speaks up for them. They know in a place like Wokingham if people want to get rid of the Conservatives they can vote Liberal Democrat.”

The Liberal Democrats are hoping that their candidate Clive Jones can unseat Conservative John Redwood – who has been Wokingham’s MP since 1987.

However the Electoral Calculus website – which collects and analyses polling results – predicts the Conservatives will hold the seat with 45 per cent of the vote. The Liberal Democrats would come second with 30 per cent.

Andy Croy, chairman of the Labour Party in Wokingham also argues that people might see the election as a battle between them and the Conservatives. He told the LDRS: “The Liberal Democrats always do better in the local elections.

“In the national elections no one thinks they’re a party of government – and the turnout is different. Most people think we’re going to be the next government.”

But Mr Davey pointed out that Labour has not yet chosen a candidate in Wokingham. He added: “We’re finding people who are switching from the Conservatives probably wouldn’t go to Labour but they will go to the Liberal Democrats.”