Following the dramatic final vowels, the 2024 series of Married at First Sight Australia is set to reach its climactic conclusion this week with the reunion specials (warning: spoilers ahead).

Last week began with the final commitment ceremony where the remaining couples sat down in front of the experts one last time, making the decision of whether or not to carry on to final vowels.

The last dinner party of series 11 followed with the five couples still left in the experiment undergoing one final task - the honesty box challenge.

The week concluded with the remaining couples Jade and Ridge; Lauren and Jonathan (Jono); Tori and Jack; Eden and Jayden; and Sara and Tim all undergoing their final vowels over two nights.

Final vowels saw all couples, apart from Lauren and Jono commit to each other and elect to continue their marriages beyond the experiment. 

While four of the MAFS couples enjoyed smooth ends to their experiment, it was a rocky conclusion for Lauren and Jono after it came to light that the latter had been texting former bride Ellie.

When is the Married at First Sight Australia 2024 reunion on in the UK?

The MAFS Australia 2024 reunion will air this week over two nights on E4.

The reunion episodes pick up four weeks after the experiment concluded with the remaining couples undergoing their final vowels.

Fans were given a glimpse of what to expect from the reunion with a teaser clip airing upon the conclusion of Thursday's (April 25) episode.

The teaser clip showed all the couples from the 2024 experiment coming back together, Jono and Ellie entering the reunion party as a couple and then dropping a bombshell about Tim and Sara. 

The first MAFS reunion episode will air on Monday (April 29) at 7.30pm on E4. 

The episode synopsis from Freeview reads: "Four weeks after the experiment concluded, the participants re-unite for one more dinner party. Rumours and newfound love are in the air."


The final episode of MAFS Australia 2024 will show the conclusion of the reunion and will air on Tuesday (April 30) at 7.30pm on E4.

"It's the reunion finale and all the participants gather for the final time to look back at their experiences throughout the experiment," the Freeview synopsis for the episode reads.

The Married at First Sight Australia 2024 reunion will air on Monday and Tuesday (April 29 and 30) at 7.30pm on E4.