A local MP has clapped back after accusations were made that he hijacked another councillor’s campaign.

Conservative MP for Bracknell James Sunderland recently posted to social media that an ongoing issue regarding a hazardous pavement outside Boots pharmacy on Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, has been resolved due to his intervention.

Staff and delivery lorries have exclusive access to the car park at the side of the building, and vehicles driving over the pavement to park have cracked several pavings.

The damaged pavement presents itself as a hazard to residents and an elderly woman was subsequently injured in January after falling.

Councillor Sunderland said “Following complaints about the pavement outside Boots in Sandhurst, I discussed the issue with Boots senior management.

“This pavement is dangerous and a health and safety risk. My investigation confirmed that the area is a private road and, according to the land registry, has no recorded owner.

“The good news is that Boots senior management has agreed to repair the pavement at their cost. The work is expected to be completed week commencing 22nd April.”

Since then many have expressed their anger claiming that Liberal Democrat Councillor Mohammad Nazar Zahuruddin had been working on this project for the last four months.

Local resident Douglas Quigg said “I'm truly tired of James Sunderland trying to take credit for the efforts of others. It's cheap.”

Another person responded “It was my wife who had the serious accident outside Boots in January. Nobody other than Nicky Coppins, Nazar Zahuruddin and Sophie Forster of the Lib Dems were interested as it was on private land.

“They promised that they would work tirelessly to get the path repaired as we didn’t want this to happen again to anybody else. The people we sincerely thank are the three Lib Dems.”

In a public statement released on April 18 Councillor Zahuruddin said that Intervention by Liberal Democrats successfully resolved the issue with the pavement.

He said that he was aware that Bracknell’s MP James Sunderland has made overtures to the landowners regarding this issue in the past, but these efforts continued to prove ineffectual.

He said “Further to consultation and co-ordination with BFC Legal Services, the Public Protection Partnership served an enforcement action notice under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

“This was the first significant step which has led to a positive response and the landowner finally confirmed in March that the much overdue repairs will be carried out on April 22-23.”

Bracknell’s MP James Sunderland sent a letter to the managing director of Boots in early April asking them to intervene regarding the broken pavement.

He said “Even though neither Boots nor the local authority owns the pavement, I believe it is incumbent on Boots to make good the damage with a durable repair on a like-for-like basis.”

Councillor Sunderland also clapped back on social media with regards to the claims that he had taken credit for other councillor’s work.

“Forgive me but this is a cheap shot and not worthy of you,” he said.

“Public service has nothing to do with taking credit or attacking others but working together and delivering for local residents. Let's raise the bar!”