A Wokingham store owner, known for providing sustainable and zero-waste products, has marked the second anniversary at her Peach Place shop.

Maya Gheorghe started Maya’s Refillables in 2019 as a market trader when she began to supply sustainable products to the people of Berkshire seeking a more ethical way to buy everyday products.

As the ‘zero waste’ and sustainability movement gained momentum, more and more people sought out Maya for a different way to shop.

In 2022, the growing popularity of her market stall forced Maya to expand her business to a permanent location.

The Peach Place shop offers customers a chance to browse in a comfortable environment with more space to stock a wide range of products and lots of surprises requested by customers.

Some loyal shoppers have been frequenting the store since her market stall days and others have only recently discovered this treasure trove.

One customer, Jasmine Tweed said: “It always bothered me that there was never anywhere to buy products that were sustainable for the environment so when I discovered Maya’s I was so excited.

“I’ve been coming here ever since to get my cleaning products and the kids love it.”

Nikki, from Maya’s Refillables said: “We are so excited to be celebrating our second year here in Peach Place.

“Maya had to expand because customers were just requesting more and more products and the popularity was overwhelming.

“The reason I think it’s so popular is because everything is so affordable and Maya goes above and beyond to find anything that customers are looking for even if she has to outsource it.”

Products that are available in the store include Body Products, Cleaning products and a range of foods including rice, pasta, grains, beans, pulses, sacks, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, teas, coffees, cereals, oils, vinegars, honey, herbs, spices and a lot more!

Customers are asked to bring their own bottles so they can get as much or as little as they need!

Maya provides sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, yet affordable detergents with low impact to Planet Earth.

On Saturday, April 20, Maya celebrated her second anniversary alongside her staff and loyal customers.

To say thank you for being a part of their ‘eco-friendly’ journey, she offered a variety of treats and refreshments on the day.