‘The will of the people’ should prevail over developers’ profits, a concerned neighbour has said in opposition to a proposed housing project.

Developer TA Fisher and Sons want to build 22 homes in Arborfield, and has applied to Wokingham Borough Council for planning permission. But some neighbours have pointed out that the land is designated as countryside – and say no new homes should be built.

One of them, Philip Buckman of nearby Bronte Grove told planning officers: “The area which is being sought planning permission is in an area already designated countryside to ensure developments do not interlink.

“The will of the people is far more important than the will of developers who develop for profit and then move on to the next project.”

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Plans say the homes would be built on a triangle of land housing a builder’s yard between Sheerlands Road, Eversley Road and the Nine Mile Ride extension.

Planning consultant EP Planning admits that the estate would be outside of the boundaries for development set out by the council.

But it argues that the council’s policy is ‘out of date,’ and that it fits in with wider development in Arborfield.

It is flanked to the north, south and east by new housing developments, and has been earmarked for development in a previous draft of the council’s updated planning policy.

The plans were submitted in March and are currently being considered by Wokingham Borough Council.