Residents have been poking fun at one particular political party after they noticed a typo in their campaign poster.

Instead of reading 'Conservatives,' the poster wrongly spells the political parties' name as 'Conserviatives.'

Peter Shaw posted a photograph of the hilarious cock up on Facebook which resulted in plenty of jesting from the local community. 

One person said "Conserviatives can’t run Wokingham, can’t manage a budget, can’t tell the truth, can’t proofread and can’t use spell-check."

In agreement with the previous comment, another person wrote "Hopefully we can retrain the ConserviAtives so that they can 'Deliveroo to Wokingham Residents' after the election!"

On a more serious note, a further person said "It would be interesting to hear what they planned to cut to fund this, they ran the council for many years, without knowing what they plan to cut or build on its a meaningless set of promises."