One member of Bracknell's community has just completed an exciting new challenge as of this last weekend. 

Bracknell Town Mayor Councillor Simon Carter took part in this year's virtual London marathon. 

The councillor started off at The Lexicon where a whole host of supports gathered to cheer him on.

In a previous post to social media, the mayor of Bracknell shared the following statement: 

"I am so excited to announce that I am running the Virtual London Marathon through Bracknell in April 2024 to fundraise for my Charity of the Year Power of Parenting.

"This brilliant charity supports looked after children with activities and funding for education which helps them to grow to their full potential.

"I know that times are tough, but if you are able to donate even the smallest amount, every little helps. Thank you for your support and if you see me out training, shout hello!"