A new independent store is set to open later this year following the closure of the town's popular doughnut shop.

Located at 24 General Steet, signage was spotted on the shop front which was once used by Doughnut Time, Mark Rath Estate Agents and Wokingham Photographic.

A local resident and Wokingham Borough Council employee, David Denham has confirmed that the store is owned by the owners of RYND.

Rynd, which was located in Wokingham Town Hall shut its doors last month but is believed to be opening elsewhere in the near future.

David said: "I like the fact that there is another general store coming to Wokingham. Because they open early and close late they are perfect for anyone looking for a quick shop.

"You can always go to the Co-op but I always like to shop independently and support the local community even if it's a little more expensive."

As well as the General Store which will open late this year, another corner shop opened in Wokingham Town Centre last month.