Two bungalows in North Ascot could be demolished and replaced with four-bedroom houses if plans submitted to Bracknell Forest Council are approved.

Under the plans, numbers 52 and 55 Fernbank Road would be demolished. Number 52 would be replaced with one house, while a pair of semi-detached homes would replace number 55.

Architect firm Abracad said sees ‘no reason’ why the bungalows ‘shouldn’t be replaced with something more modern.’

In statements to Bracknell Forest Council it said: “The existing bungalow is of no particular architectural merit and whilst it could be retained we think there is no reason why it shouldn’t be replaced with something more modern if the owners favour this route.”

Abracad also says each house would have parking spaces for three cars. It says it also considered one large house instead of two semi-detached homes to replace number 55.

And it says rooves and heights have been designed to avoid having a negative impact on neighbours and to avoid blocking their light.

A sunlight assessment from The Daylight Lab says: “The proposed replacement dwelling at No.52 Fernbank Road will cause no undue loss of daylight or sunlight to neighbouring properties.”

Both planning applications are set to be considered by officers at Bracknell Forest Council.