Update: Power has been restored to the area as of midday

Over 700 homes have been left without power this morning.

A total of 41 postcodes have reported issues with their electricity - a total of 767 homes are believed to be affected.

The area, towards the west of Great Hollands, first reported the issue at 8:17am.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks are aware of the unplanned outage.

A spokesperson said: "We're very sorry for the power cut and are aware of a fault on our main network affecting 767 homes.

"This is affecting a large area and it's likely several streets in your area are affected by the same outage."

Engineers are being sent to the area and aim to get power back by 12:30pm.

Postcodes affected include RG4, RG12 and RG40. A full list is below.

Here are all the postcodes affected:


RG12 8GE

RG12 8GF

RG12 8GG

RG12 8GH

RG12 8GJ

RG12 8GN

RG12 8GQ

RG12 8GW

RG12 8QH

RG12 8QN

RG12 8SR

RG12 8UX

RG12 8WY

RG12 8XL

RG12 8XN

RG12 8XW

RG12 8YE

RG12 8YF

RG12 8YG

RG12 8YR

RG12 8ZB

RG12 8ZH

RG12 8ZJ

RG12 8ZL

RG12 8ZN

RG12 8ZP

RG12 8ZQ

RG12 8ZW

RG40 3BT

RG40 3DF

RG40 3DG

RG40 3DH

RG40 3DL

RG40 3DN

RG40 3DP

RG40 3DR

RG40 3DT

RG40 3DW

RG40 3EE

RG40 3GA