A neighbours’ dispute over a proposed house extension was set to be settled by councillors this week.

Owners of a house on Old Bath Road in Charvil want permission to build single and two storey front, back and side extensions at the property.

Neighbours say the extensions would overlook other homes, and be out of keeping with the area. But Wokingham Borough Council planning officers say the proposals are acceptable.

One neighbour told officers the extension would ‘create a terraced type of effect’ on the road of detached and semi-detached homes.

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They feared this would ‘set a precedent’ for other homes to be extended in a similar way in the future. Others feared the extension could block the light into a neighbour’s home.

But council planning officers said the plans were ‘in keeping with the varied local character’ of the street. They said houses include a variety of styles, and that there are other similar extensions nearby.

Officers also say that the extension would ‘not result in any harmful terracing effect’. And they say there would be ‘no harmful impact’ on neighbours.

Sam Akhtar, a councillor for Charvil, asked for Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee to consider the application.

Councillors on the committee were set to make their decision on Wednesday, April 10.