Bracknell residents now have the chance to tell the council what they think about huge changes envisaged for the future of the town centre.

Bracknell Forest Council is considering masterplans outlining the next phase of the town centre’s regeneration.

They involve replacing Bracknell bus station with a ‘market square,’ demolishing High Street car park to make way for a ‘new neighbourhood’ and revamping the area around Easthampstead House.

The council wants residents to view and have their say on the plans before it adopts final versions of them this summer.

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Andrew Hunter, executive director for regeneration, said: “The town centre masterplan is a really important document that outlines what type of development could happen at three key sites over the next decade.

“We want to get the public’s opinion on the regeneration of these sites, so anyone with a view is invited to let us know their thoughts formally through the consultation.

“If you have questions, you can ask members of our planning team at one of the drop-in sessions later this month. These sites continue the regeneration of the town and build on the success of The Lexicon.”

The plans are an early vision of how the council would like the next phase of the town centre revamp to look.

But they do not mean Bracknell Forest Council is committing to building and paying for the transformation itself.

Instead, once adopted they become a part of the council’s planning policy. This means any developers who want planning permission to build in these areas will have to show that their designs align with the council’s vision.

The masterplans also don’t cover land that the council doesn’t own, such as the former planned site of The Deck, where Bentall’s department store used to be on High Street.

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There will be chances to view and ask council staff questions about the plans next to the Starbucks in Princess Square on Thursday 25 and Saturday 27 April, from 10am-4pm.

Bracknell residents can also view the plans and answer an online survey on the council’s website. Paper copies of the plans and survey are at all libraries in Bracknell as well as borough and parish council offices.

The consultation launched on Monday, April 8 and will run until May 20. Bracknell Forest Council leader Mary Temperton said last month she wanted anybody with questions or concerns to take part.

She said: “I ask anybody who’s got any reason to question anything to please take part in this consultation so we make it as effective and representing everybody’s ideas and everybody’s concerns within the borough.”