A survey by a medical cannabis clinic has ranked Wokingham among the top 10 healthiest places in the UK.

For the study, Releaf analysed data from the NHS and Office for National Statistics (ONS) on a range of topics, including mental health, life expectancy and local environment.

Smoking prevalence, illness and pollution were among the factors considered by researchers, who then collated the data into a score for each region.

Overall, Wokingham was identified as one of the healthiest areas in the UK, coming in ninth place nationally with a score of 63.70.

The top scorer - East Cambridgeshire - scored 67.76, although Releaf noted a lack of relevant environmental data for the region.

Waverley, West Oxfordshire, Mid Sussex, Woking, Sevenoaks, the Isles of Scilly and the Mole Valley also made the top 10.

Tim Kirby, managing director at Releaf, said: "The data underscores the importance of unconventional approaches to health that go beyond medical interventions, and how health is not to be measured only through physical wellbeing.

"These top-ranking areas exemplify the union between environmental factors, individual behaviours such as smoking habits, and community support systems in fostering healthier lifestyles and prolonging life expectancy."