A team of British Airways cabin crew who saved a passenger’s life when he went into cardiac arrest got a very emotional One Big Thank You from The One Show’s Alex Jones.

Last November, Mike Butcher, from Sandhurst, was on his way to Portugal for a golfing holiday with his two friends, husband and wife Mike and Pam. They were flying from Gatwick airport.

Recalling what happened as they boarded the plane Pam says: “I became aware of something going on behind me and turned around to find to my horror that Mike was on the floor.

“That was the most horrendous thing I’ve ever gone through. I turned to my husband and buried my head in his chest and said: ‘he’s not breathing’ and with that, the crew jumped into action.”

Mike had gone into cardiac arrest and he wasn’t breathing. The Cabin Service Manager Dominique, along with her colleagues Lauren and Elaine, called the emergency services and began giving Mike CPR. They performed chest compressions on Mike until they saw him take his first breath.

Emergency services arrived to take over and Mike was whisked to Brighton Hospital. The couple called his daughter Debbie en route to break the news.

Mike’s daughter Debbie recalls how she felt that day: “Panic set in and it was like oh my god, I can’t go through this. I can’t lose my dad. I lost my mum in January. I already lost my brother.”

Mike spent 10 days in hospital and is lucky to be alive. Although he remembers nothing from the day, he and Debbie regularly talk about how much they would like to thank the crew who saved his life.  To fulfil that wish, The One Show invited Mike and his daughter to the British Airways Academy at Heathrow to take part in what they think is a staff training video. Mike knew e is going to be interviewed by Alex Jones, but he didn’t know what else is in store.  Also invited are three members of the cabin crew team that saved Mike’s life, but neither knows the other is there.

Catching up on last week’s show with Dominique, Lauren and Elaine, host Alex Jones asks them how they felt when they found out the man they helped save that day had survived. Beaming, Dominique replies: “It was really emotional for me when I heard the news that he was alive and well and he was going to spend Christmas with his family.”

None of the crew has seen Mike since they saved his life.  Revealing the surprise Alex said: “How would you feel if I told you that Mike, he’s here today?”

Shocked, Elaine responds: “No way!”

As Alex begins the interview for what Mike thinks is the training video, she invites the crew to listen in so they can hear exactly how much this is going to mean to Mike.

Talking to Mike, Alex says: “You must think about what could have happened if those three women weren’t able to help you.”

Mike responds: “Yeah, I wouldn’t be here. They kept me going with CPR. My daughter and myself would just love to thank them.”

Alex then asks Mike: “What do you think you’d say though, if one of these days you did happen to go on a flight, and it was one of them again?”

An emotional Mike says: “Well, I’m feeling a little bit tearful at the moment and a bit emotional, but I’d give them a hug. I’d give them a hug.

“They saved my life, simple as that, I know I’ve got a tear in my eye.”

Revealing the real reason they are there Alex then says: “I haven’t been quite honest with you because those three angels are behind this curtain.”

A stunned Mike responds: “You’re joking!”

The cabin crew come out from behind the curtain and Dominique is the first to give Mike a hug, saying: “I don’t want to let you go!”

Addressing all three of the crew, an emotional Mike says: “Thank you, you saved my life. I just can’t thank you enough, I really can’t.”

And Debbie adds: “I cannot thank you enough for saving my dad.”

Alex, herself tearful, says: “On behalf of Mike and everybody at The One Show we want to give you ladies a One Big Thank You. You did incredibly well.”

This special One Big Thank You can be seen now on BBC iPlayer.