Another bank is preparing to shutter its branch this year. 

Lloyds at Market Place in Wokingham will be closing in July after visits to the branch fell.

In a report on Lloyd's Wokingham's performance, it is stated: “Before we close any branch, we look at how our customers are managing their money and using the branch.

"Most customers are now using our mobile app, internet banking or calling us instead, which means they are using branches, including the Wokingham branch much less."

According to data from Lloyd's average counter transactions in the Wokingham branch have reduced by 44 per cent between 2018 and 2023.

It also revealed that business customers have reduced by 33 per cent.

Meanwhile, cashpoint transactions have fallen by up to 41 per cent.

The Wokingham branch typically sees 619 regular customers per month, with the main user demographic being between 35 and 74.

The bank branch, located at 20 Market Place will close on July 8. 

Following the closure, Bracknell and Wokingham customers can do everyday banking transactions at any Post Office.

The closest Lloyd's branch will be at 10 High Street in Bracknell and 53 Crockhamwell Road in Reading.